What we do

We restore historic and listed buildings, remodel and do interior design for houses and apartments. What makes us special is our collaboration on every phase of a project.
We are there for whatever the client’s home needs. Whether that means doing an entire project or just one phase, we are at the client’s side for every step of the design process.

Lead architects

Whether the project is a new build, a remodel or the restoration of a historic property, we follow the entire design process. We perform the site survey and collect documentation; we do all the necessary drawings and plans.


The estimate is essential, because it lays out the project’s construction costs. The estimate lists all the work required, the materials chosen, technical details, construction instructions, quantities and prices. Preparing estimates with extreme care is fundamental for avoiding cost over-runs. Clients appreciate our discipline.

Technical specifications and contracts

With the technical specifications, we agree with the tradesmen and general contractor on the work to be done, when it will be done and the price. We sign a contract with each tradesman or subcontractor and keep track of the project’s accounting, which allows us to make sure that agreements about work, costs and payments are respected.


We take care of local building permits PdL (Permesso di Costruire), CIL (Comunicazione Inizio Lavori), D.I.A. (Denuncia di Inizio Attività), S.C.I.A. (Segnalazione Certificata Inizio Attività), as well as other documents regarding ordinary maintenance, conservation, restoration or new construction.

Project management

This phase of a project requires a certain delicacy because it means running a building site as well as coordinating the work of all the subcontractors involved – builders, electricians, plumbers, carpenters and painters – to ensure that they stay on budget, respect deadlines and deal with any surprises along the way.

Interior decorating

We begin “interior design” projects by hand-drawing renderings of our vision for a room and creating colour and fabric boards. We will design custom furniture, advise clients on buying new furniture or search antique shows and dealers to find pieces that will work well with what the client already has.

Constant research

We are constantly on the lookout for artisans and antiques; and clients appreciate the way our research translates into homes that feel lived in. At antique fairs, shops and flea markets, such as Parma’s famous Mercante in Fiera, we hunt for antique and vintage furniture and curiosities. We present our finds in photos or, when clients want, go together.

Re-styling and staging

Re-styling is a great and cost conscious option when clients want to renovate without doing structural work. We can update a house or apartment or prepare it for a new phase of life; reorganize space, re-arrange furniture, review aesthetic choices, change the lighting, choose new paint or wallpaper or add new art or objects.

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