Attic with a view of the Ampezzo Valley

A spacious attic with a breathtaking view of Cortina and the Dolomite peaks. VP architects realized the interior design by paying attention to the smallest details while collaborating very closely with the homeowners.

A charming pied-a-terre

A quiet corner in Venice, between the Academy Galleries and the Peggy Guggenheim collection. VP Architects realized a careful restoration while redistributing the spaces in a more contemporary style.

Toulà in Cortina d’Ampezzo

An old stone house with an attached wooden hayloft – a “toulà” in the Cortina dialect –
re-evokes the warmth of the Dolomites with a rebuilt, restored and reimagined apartment under the eaves.

Panorama of the Dolomites and South African magic

Remodelled attic apartment with a spectacular view of the Ampezzo valley. Mountain atmosphere marries African memories.

Overlooking an urban farm in central London

The classroom of a converted Victorian-era art school transformed into a contemporary and welcoming loft in London’s Vauxhall.

Updating an apartment by a master architect

In Cortina d’Ampezzo. A remodel of an apartment in a listed building designed by Italian architect Edoardo Gellner (1909-2004) for the 1956 Winter Olympics.

Bringing life to a ruin

Complete rebuild of a farm building formerly belonging to the estate of a Venetian villa. Little of this building, which is protected by Italy’s architectural heritage law, was still standing when the owners acquired it.

A welcoming home just outside the city gates

In Treviso this free-standing house from the early twentieth century found a new identity with a complete remodelling as well as an addition and new furnishings.

A staircase as hub

An interior design project tailor made for a city apartment that revolves around a spiral staircase.

Music and tradition in the heart of Padua

A family with grown children—one with a passion for the piano—and numerous antiques handed down for generations.

Art and contemporary design in a rustic setting

It was a hayloft – a “tabià” – in Cortina d’Ampezzo that had been divided into two apartments. These gave birth to a new single, apartment, filled with beauty.

Modern family in a historic town centre

More than mere planning, remodelling and interior design. There was also a hunt for furniture in flea markets and before that a hunt for just the right space. Which turned out to be three…

The purity of eighteenth-century Venetian tradition

Conservation of a historic Venetian villa in a poetic antique garden.