Updating an apartment
by a master architect

Remodelling a vacation hideaway allowed a young entrepreneur to blend his own taste with family furniture.

From the very first survey of a building that is protected by Italy’s architectural heritage laws, VP Architetti decided to keep the irregular room shapes and the clean structural lines that are typical of Gellner’s work. Family memories that emerged during the inventory of the client’s furnishings convinced him to make them part of the new design.

This apartment was completely reorganized.
VP Architetti designed new furnishings, which local craftsmen made, and sourced others in antique shops and flea markets. Everything was chosen with care; from the fabrics to the door handles and drawer pulls.
The work was done in record time: seven months (including the town’s month-long moratorium on work during the tourist season). The house was delivered right before Christmas, complete with china and linens—all in their places.

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