Music and tradition
in the heart of Padua

A family with grown children—one with a passion for the piano—and numerous antiques handed down for generations.

The reconfiguration of the spaces was minimal, but functional. The apartment’s entry, which was rarel used, was turned into a music room and home for the baby grand piano. The space formerly used for piano practice and watching TV was transformed into a bi-level space with an office and home theatre.

Using an inventory of the existing furnishings as a starting point helped define our biggest challenge; working with the family’s antiques and harmonizing them with the new spaces.
The striped walls in the dining room were done by a master painter, while the wallpaper with the dog breeds celebrates the home-owner’s love of animals.

Bathrooms were designed with modern comforts in mind, using custom-designed furniture, hand-made Portuguese tiles, painted wood floors and epoxy-cement floors and walls.

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