Overlooking an urban farm
in central London

For an international businessman who is always on the road. This loft went undecorated for years. Four months: mission accomplished.

This client was too busy to meet us more than twice to develop and sign off on the design of the living area of a loft overlooking an urban farm in London.
The only fixed points: a big blue sofa and contemporary taste.

To make decisions fast and easy for this client, VP Architetti stuck with off-the-shelf furniture.
Our hand-drawn renderings of the project, complete with swatches, colour choices and images of the furniture we chose were fundamental here. Scanned and e-mailed to the client as he circled the globe, they made it easy for him to understand our ideas.
In addition, VP Architetti personally supervised the installation of everything in London. Hired in January, finished in May.

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