The purity of eighteenth-century
Venetian tradition

A family’s listed villa returned to its former splendour. And to go with it, a pergola to enjoy beauty outdoors.

When working on a listed building, it is important to establish fluid channels of communication with the superintendents at Italy’s national heritage administration (Beni Architettonici e Paesaggistici). Fanatical precision in doing the building survey is crucial to carrying out the planned work. In this case, VP Architetti marked all the plaster decorations on the facade so that in the future it will be possible to distinguish the conserved originals from those recreated for this project.

VP designed a custom built pergola. The structure’s delicate metal tracery harmonizes with the eighteenth-century building and provides a pleasant setting for al fresco meals.

BEFORE The restoration included repairing and making the roof, shutters and windows safe.

AFTER The villa’s facade has acquired both new life and its former glory, without betraying its origins.

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