Bringing life to a ruin

A young couple who believed this “barchessa” could be reborn commissioned the design and then acted as contractors for its restoration.

Doing a restoration that is historically accurate guided our work on this listed building. VP Architetti carried out a meticulous historical and architectonic survey of the structure. After diagramming the original structural elements and exterior plaster, we completed the project combining traditional construction techniques and modern technology.

The trickiest part of the work was bureaucratic. This often happens with historic buildings, which have had a succession of owners with enough stories to fill a novel. Finding solutions for a building of this kind sent VP Architetti on the rounds of numerous public offices.

BEFORE The owners’ almost heroic ability to sense the hidden beauty of this Venetian barchessa.

AFTER The pleasure of living in a setting imbued with history, witnessed by the cleaned Venetian plaster, the stone walls, and the wood and tile roof.

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